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Feminist Perspectives in Music Therapy

Hadley, Susan (Ed.)(2006). Feminist Perspectives in Music Therapy. Gilsum, NH: Barcelona Publishers.

Susan Hadley has drawn together 22 women under the wide and diffuse umbrella of ‘feminism’, who each write ‘something’ about music therapy and feminism, music therapy as feminists, and feminist music therapy theory, practice, supervision and ethics. […]

Narrative Identities: Psychologists Engaged in Self-Construction

Yancy, George & Susan Hadley (2005). Narrative Identities: Psychologists Engaged in Self-Construction. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

In this anthology of autobiographies, thirteen psychologists create narratives exploring the dialectical relationship between their identities and […]

Psychodynamic Music Therapy – Case Studies

Hadley, Susan (Ed.)(2003). Psychodynamic Music Therapy – Case Studies. Gilsum, NH: Barcelona Publishers.

Reviewed by Prof. Tony Wigram

I have a long-standing and considerable respect for the clinical practitioners in our profession, especially those who are prepared to document their experiences and knowledge for publication. By stating this, I am declaring a bias from the […]