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Searching the Literature – Using Databases and Websites

|Introduction| |Examining Websites and Online-services of Music Therapy| |Selected Web-Addresses for Different Purposes| |Recommended Resources for Literature Search| |Listservs and Newsgroups| |References|


During the last ten years the internet has become part of everyday life in the Western world – and today e-mail is the quickest […]

The European Music Therapy Congress in Napoli: Personal Reflections

Felicity Baker

The 5th European Music Therapy Congress in Napoli, Italy was held on April 21st until April 24th, 2001. Having recently relocated to beautiful Norway from what seems to me like the other end of the world (Australia), the European Music Therapy Congress in Napoli was not only my first attendance at a European […]

Dancing Interfaces: Response to Even Ruud's paper New Musicology', Music Education and Music Therapy

Brynjulf Stige

Editor’s note: Upon invitation from the13th Nordic Congress of Musicology, Aarhus University, (August 15-10, 2000) this text is written as a response to Even Ruud’s keynote paper‘“New Musicology”, Music Education and Music Therapy.‘

The response will be included in the conference proceedings that according to the plan will be printed in the spring […]

“New Musicology”, Music Education and Music Therapy

Even Ruud, University of Oslo

Editor’s note:

This paper was originally presented as a keynote at the 13th Nordic Congress of Musicology, Aarhus University, Denmark, August 15-10, 2000. The text is published with kind permission from the author and the organisers of the conference. A revised version of the paper will be included in the […]

Endnote Bibliographic Database: For Music Therapy Students and Researchers - A Mini Manual

Lars Ole Bonde, Aalborg University

|With Direct Access to the  Database (On CD-ROM)|  |Excercises for the Endnote Databases| |Excercises for Other Literature Databases


Install the CD-ROM following the instructions on the leaflet. Restart.

Open the CD-ROM (PC: use the run command; Mac: Double click the icon)

Go […]

Guidelines for Clinical Research in Complementary Medicine

David Aldridge

|Abstract| |Introduction| |Purpose of the Enquiry| |Aims of the Study | |Pilot studies| |Background to the Study| |Design of the study||Administration of the Study| |Conclusion|


There are several stages to preparing a research application. Careful thinking about clinical practice and the allocation of time for research is essential. Statistical decisions are best […]