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Feminist Perspectives in Music Therapy

Hadley, Susan (Ed.)(2006). Feminist Perspectives in Music Therapy. Gilsum, NH: Barcelona Publishers.

Susan Hadley has drawn together 22 women under the wide and diffuse umbrella of ‘feminism’, who each write ‘something’ about music therapy and feminism, music therapy as feminists, and feminist music therapy theory, practice, supervision and ethics. […]

Music as Therapy: A Dialogical Perspective

Garred, Rudy (2006). Music as Therapy: A Dialogical Perspective. Gilsum, NH: Barcelona Publishers. 344 pages. ISBN 1-891278-40-1. $44.00.

Reviewed by Laurel Young, MMT; MTA Temple University

Rudy Garred has written a book about a topic that often inspires passionate and heated discussion among music therapy professionals. Music as Therapy: A Dialogical Perspective is concerned with […]

Interactive Music Therapy - A Positive Approach

Oldfield, Amelia (2006). Interactive Music Therapy – A Positive Approach. London and Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 223 pages, ISBN 1 84310 309 5.

Reviewed by Lilach Yona-Blachman, MA, San-Jose, CA, USA.

The book Interactive Music Therapy – a Positive Approach, describes the author’s work in a child development center (CDC) and explores the characteristics […]