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“Growing Perspectives in theory and Practice”. Music Therapy Research Vol.1.

Robarts, Jackie (Ed.)(2000).”Growing Perspectives in Theory and Practice”. Music Therapy Research Vol.1. East Barnet: British Society for Music Therapy, BSMT Publications.

Reviewed by Torben Moe, Ph.d. Music therapist, FAMI.

Growing perspectives is a collection of 9 articles written by music therapists embarking on research.

Jacqueline Roberts, who is the editor of the book, mentions in […]

Music Therapy in Dementia Care

Aldridge, David (ed) (2000): Music Therapy in Dementia care London and Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Reviewed by Tone Sæther Kvamme. Music Therapist. Worked from 1991 -98 at Økern Nursing home in Oslo. Master degree student at Norwegian State Academy of Music,Oslo.

This book consists of eleven articles written by contributors from many parts of the […]

Music and Memory

Bob Snyder (2000). Music and Memory. Cambridge, Mass.:MIT Press.

Reviewed by Felicity Baker, Sogn og Fjordane College, Sandane, Norway

Bob Snyder is a composer and video artist and Chair of the Sound Program at the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago. He initially began to write the book to use in his compositional classes, […]

The New Music Therapist’s Handbook

Hanser, Suzanne (1999). The New Music Therapist’s Handbook, 2nd Ed. Boston, MA: Berklee Press.

Reviewed by Cochavit Elefant.

Reading the title “The New Music Therapist’s Handbook” two thoughts came to mind. The first was that the “new” (in the title) refers to the beginner music therapist and the second thought, that this is a new […]